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Private Coaching with Carmine 12/8 at 2pm - 3pm

Private Coaching with Carmine 12/8 at 2pm - 3pm


 Drum Classes

1) Mid-East Rhythms for Whatever You Have That Makes Noise
This class is for everyone! A gentle introduction to middle eastern rhythms. Great for dancers and musicians. Bring your doumbek, frame drum, zills, djembe, bongos, slide whistle, whatever! This is perfect for first-timers.
2)Learn It! Play It! Perform It!
In this workshop, you'll learn the drum part for up to 4 basic Middle Eastern songs. Everyone who takes the class gets to perform one of the songs for a dancer in the hafla/show that evening. This class is great if you know the basic rhythms. Other types of drums are welcome.
3)Baby Beginner Doumbek
In this workshop, you will learn the proper hand/finger techniques to produce clean beautiful sounds from your doumbek. You will learn how to play several traditional Middle Eastern rhythms as well as how to switch between them. This workshop is perfect for beginners or experienced drummers who want to brush up or clean up their technique. This workshop is also fantastic for dancers who want to educate themselves about the basic rhythms. Also good for first-timers.
(4)Begintermediate Doumbek
You know a bunch of rhythms...now what? Let's get "Beyond Baladi". You will learn practical rhythm combinations useful for playing songs and making your drum circle more fun. You will also learn how to add fills and embellishments to make your playing more interesting. This workshop is perfect for anyone who already knows the basic hits and rhythms.
(5)Doumbek Rockstar: Roll, Pop, Slap and Snap!
In this workshop, you will learn techniques and new hits to use on your doumbek. These are the rock star tricks! Learn how to incorporate these hits into rhythms and solos to really spice up your playing. This workshop is perfect for any drummer who knows the basics.
(6)How to Play a Drum Solo for a Dancer
The drum solo is the climax of any belly dancer show. This is a great time for the dancer and drummer to improvise and communicate. In this workshop, you will learn how to build your own solos and improvising techniques. You will also learn what the dancer is expecting from you and how to play something interesting and exciting for them. This workshop is perfect for drummers who know the basics. This workshop is also great for dancers to learn about the drum solo from the drummer's perspective.
Melody Instrument Classes

(7)Folk Songs are for folks like you and me!
Middle Eastern music does not always have to be so complicated! Learn a bunch of really fun simple songs that work on any instrument including singing! The class will be taught entirely by ear, so it's ok if you do not read music or have very little experience. Lyric sheets will be provided.

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