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Private Class(Drum/Dance) with Issam - October 20th 11am to 12pm

Private Class(Drum/Dance) with Issam - October 20th 11am to 12pm


The union of a musician and a dancer combined with the music and movement to create a seamless artistic expression of oneness is the essence of dance. The union between a percussionist and dancer is the ultimate manifestation of such a union. Issam Houshan needs no introduction in the dance and percussion community and we all know his bio and history off by heart. But he is one these rare talents in the world that does exactly that. 
As an accompanist...... Known worldwide as the Wassan Pharaoun (King of the Drum) he becomes so engaged with the dancer and creates magic with her and for her without thought to his own self. It’s this connection to the dancer that is the essence of his success and why he is such a sought after percussionist all over the world by composers, musicians and dancers alike. It is the merging of individual ego and talent and a development of mutual respect with an identical goal that few musicians ever master fully. 
As a drumming instructor..... No aspiring drummer or even accomplished drummer could ask for an instructor with more knowledge, skill and patience sharing his talent and knowledge of Arab Rhythms to students. His follow-up after workshops or classes makes his students feel special and know that he is truly invested in their success.

FRIDAY 10/20/17 Private Class 11:00AM-12:00PM 1 HOUR Private Class time that will be updated as time slots are filled

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