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East 2 West 2017 - Fall into the culture beyond the Strait

One of the proudest moments in our year at Global Dance is when adult and children artists come together to celebrate world dance in our annual showcase and fundraiser “EAST to WEST”.


Every year we choose a region of the world to celebrate. Performing Artists of all ages demonstrate what that looks like both in old world and new world ways ;-) There are few things that make these events “NOT” recitals:

  1. It is the final outcome of SEEDs and 3D mentoring program for the year. Our students show what they have learned not just in dance but also in character growth, general worldview growth and their ultimate achievement in Self-Esteem, Empowerment & Education through Dance.
  2. This is a fundraiser and the performers are the ambassadors for the Vision and Mission of the mentoring program. They are involved in the creation, the unfolding and the execution of the event.
  3. It is a unique opportunity for young and old(er) to be equal performing artists and for each to be inspired and admired by each other.



This year we have chosen to explore the geography, mythology, culture and dance of the Strait of Gibraltar. Think of Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Gypsies and Hercules and how these have influence ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop, flamenco and all forms of how we dance today! Well this is what you will witness! Wrapped in a dialogue and storyline we will guide you through exciting performances, vibrant costumes and awesome music!