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Donate to Atlanta S.E.E.Ds Inc®

Thank you for being a supporter and sponsor of Atlanta S.E.E.Ds Inc.® - Self-Esteem Empowerment and Education through Dance.

Through your contribution you are now part of a school directed by Liezel Lane to present to youth, the finest instruction in World Dance along with programming that promotes self-discovery and self-actualization, provides mentorship at a very high level, and prepares youth for independence. Our mission is to mentor young women in order to create healthy and strong individuals who are socially and fiscally responsible to themselves and their community. This is accomplished through the vehicle of world dance, talking circles, journal writing and presentations. Our goal is for each girl to:

  • To find her own voice and be able to listen to it.

  • To have better self-esteem and confidence.

  • To be able to plan and achieve goals, generate choices, create options, resources and support.

  • To be ready to face financial independence.

  • To have respect, appreciation and be able to care for her own body.

  • To respect, appreciate and be able to care for others in the community.

  • To respect and appreciate diversity and culture.